Adam Štech


Adam Štech graduated from the studio of Jiří Sopek and Vladimír Skrepl at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts. He draws inspiration for his canvases from the masterpieces of art history as well as from religious kitsch images, trashy advertising attractions, film photography and other aspects of pop culture. He really plays with the citations of the individual styles; cubist and abstracting tendencies presently prevail in his canvases: he uses them in collages, takes them apart, makes them up and recreates them with genre shabbiness... The painter’s technical skill combines with his conceptual orientation as themes from famous masterpieces are placed in new contexts and crowned with transferred meanings along the lines of a non-commital game. Oftentimes, the incoherent combination of elements in the canvas is arranged in a hybrid whole, in which the contradicting image components create an inner tension. Hitler placed in a still life with juicy fruit and vegetables (Hitler, 2013) is one of Štech’s parables and ironic comments with which he penetrates the layers of collective memory in the style of black humour farce. In his painting Zahrada / The Garden (2012) there is a head reminiscent of Vincent van Gogh’s portrait placed on a girl’s naked body copulating with another girl in the garden of Eden. It seems that the purpose of such compositions is to shock the viewer and attract attention by surprising the audience. 


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