Jakub Tomáš


Jakub Tomáš (1982), a recent graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (2006 – 2012, prof. Vladimír Kokolia, prof. Jiří Sopko) has been appearing regularly in the Czech art scene since his graduation. He’s been recognized as a distinct painter with the ability to update the present for the purpose of painting. When he was finishing his studies, Karel Srp chose his works for the Start Up exhibition cycle through which the Prague City Gallery introduces the lively impulses of the youngest Czech art. At that time we have already been able to notice the artist’s exceptional skills: his liberal yet not autotelic use of painterly expression, a sense for new formatting of the painting in connection with the shift in human consciousness, the mastery of illusion in painting which can be unmasked through transformation and unveil a series of questions going beyond the narrow limits of one artistic discipline.