Pavel Pangrác


Pavel Pangrác (1976) is a graduate from Martina Mainer’s studio at FAVU in Brno. He comes from Trutnov and focuses mainly on figure painting – especially the world of women and girls. However, it is not only a matter of sexuality; he tries to go beyond the surface of things. He examines ambiguities and is interested in individuality, different takes on beauty or the notion of “women’s power”. He strictly differentiates between the illusory world of advertising, films and posters, which employ women as objects, and women as mysterious individual beings, from another universe so to say, which are difficult to understand even in the intimate moments of nudity. And so, while some of his paintings are on the brink of kitsch and its provoking lascivious gestures, in other works the model is featured as an individual, natural, self-confident and fearless being.
Women in Pangrác’s work are creatures from another dimension and therefore have to be studied like space or the sense of life: without any hope for full understanding and knowledge. This is also accented in the settings of portraits. His figures are often depicted in abstract settings without clear designation or are enfolded in fabrics or fur – materials evoking a pleasant haptic experience. Through this approach the artist does not objectify women as products of lust but ennobles them as mythical beings without whom art and life itself would make no sense.


2005-2009 MFA Faculty of Fine Art VUT Brno, Prof. Ak.mal. Martin Mainer
1994-2001 MSc. Czech Technical University, Praha
1990-1994 Gymnázium Benešov, Benešov u Prahy

Solo exhibitions

02/2014 "Ticho, nic a úsporná řešení" Galerie U Niny, Praha, Czech Rep.
02/2013 "Veverky v parkovišti" Slévárna Vaňkovka, Brno, Czech Rep.
03/2012-04/2012 "Osamění" Galerie půda, Vrchlabí, Czech Rep.
02/2012 "Deníky" with Zbyněk Mikeš, Slévárna Vaňkovka, Brno Czech Rep.
12/2011-01/2012 "Když jsem jednoho dne procitl v Bayreuthu" Galerie Dům tisku, Trutnov, Czech Rep.
07-08/2011 "V šedém proudu" Underground on overground, u nás na půdě, Trutnov, Czech Rep.
11/2010 "Baby, baby, baby" Galerie AM2, Brno, Czech Rep.
01/2007 "Boys don't cry" with Samuel Paučo, bašta Zvolenského hradu, Zvolen, Slovakia
09/2006 "2" Spolek, Brno, Czech Rep.
05/2006 "29-30" Galerie SC, Brno, Czech Rep.