Jan Rybníček

Jan Rybníček started his studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno, continued with an internship in Lisbon and now he studies painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich under the guidance of professor Oehlen.
His works stem from emotional and aesthetic experience. In these, he attempts to work with imagination and the present moment in a relaxed authentic manner. Lines gradually become areas and areas turn into space or spatial decoration. The artist corrects this process only partially – emotion is crucial. Through associations Rybníček imparts more concrete shapes to originally abstract ones and gradually arrives at the final painting through the process itself. The painter often draws inspiration from old sketches of animals, architecture or landscapes and then transforms them through his own free style into impressive images. He claims that the silent faces of animals charged with emotion appeal to his introverted nature. Painting is a medium which, in his interpretation, allows for honest expression and opening his inner world outwards without having to confront society during the creative process as such. The overall expression, line, colour and composition are only tools that the young painter uses to reach this higher purpose.


born 1988, Nové Město na Moravě
2006–2009 – Secondary School of Art and Design in Brno, Petr Veselý
2009–2013 – Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno, prof. Martin Mainer, Luděk Rathouský
since 2012 - AdbK in Munich, prof. Markus Oehlen’s Studio

Solo Exhibitions:
2011 - Himmelherrgott – Sausalito, Brno
2011 - RUF (s Fabianem Schoogem) – Roof, Lisboa
2013 - Weißbier – Galerie-atelier Ck-f, München
2014 - One flew over the nest (s Judith Grassl) – Slévárna Vaňkovka, Brno

Group Exhibitions:
2014 - Oehlen Maschine | Charcuterie a la Kl. Oehlen – 1Page Gallery Münche
2013 - Jahresausstellung – AdBK München
2012 - Auktion – AdBK München
2011 - Pokračuj – Galerie Chodovská tvrz, Praha