Martin Salajka


Ever since starting his studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno, Martin Salajka (1981) has thematised nature and its inhabitants – wolves, moths and owls which roam through unearthly landscapes and forests - using an original, expressive painting style. In the dark images which reveal the artist’s taste for punk and heavy metal aesthetics destructive and magical natural forces, which awaken primordial sensual and instinctive approach to the world in us, are being discovered in the spirit of romanticising interpretation. In his paintings, people become animals and our world vanishes into fantastical visions. They abound in metaphors and illusions which often pave the way to the human unconscious. Due to their symbolist tone his works resonate with those of Váchal and Kubín, yet they also bear some of the distressing, dichotomous creatures of Redon’s noirs. A shift in the choice of subject appeared during the painter’s studies at Michael Rittstein’s studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague; he started capturing urban scenes, car exhaust fumes in traffic jams, interiors of confined rooms and dark parks in his spontaneous, relaxed gestic expression in dark hues. After Salajka’s graduation (2008) childish visions without any rationality and intellect started appearing in his works and have been present in variations since.   


* 30. března 1981 v Uherském Hradišti


1997–2002        Střední uměleckoprůmyslová škola v Uherském Hradišti; obor Užitá malba
2002–2005        Fakulta výtvarných umění VUT v Brně; Ateliér malba 1, Doc. Petr Veselý
2005–2008        Akademie výtvarných umění v Praze, Ateliér malba 3, prof. Michael Rittstein

Samostatné výstavy:

2005                Lesní plesnivec – Galerie mladých, Brno
2008                Obrazy – Galerie Dorka, Domažlice (s Tomášem Němcem)
                        Napůl – Galerie Via Art, Praha
2010                Obrazy – Městské divadlo Kolín
                        Malé formáty – Galerie U Zlaté štiky, Kolín
                        Obrazy – Galerie výtvarného umění, Náchod
2010                Obrazy – Galerie u sv. Jakuba, Nový Bydžov
                        Obrazy – Galerie Vltavín, Praha
2011                Betonový měsíc – Galerie Dolmen, Praha
                        Obrazy – Galerie Felixe Jeneweina, Kutná Hora
                        SoliPSIsta – Galerie 21. století, Praha
2013                Obrazy – Galerie Kotelna, Říčany
                        Obrazy – Galerie Beseda, Ostrava
                        Zvlčení – Výstavní síň v divadle Karla Pippicha, Chrudim
2014                Heavy Mental – Reduta, Uherské Hradiště
                        Death Mental – Galerie Modřanská zvonice, Praha
2015                Sítě – Galerie AMB, Sbor kněze Ambrože, Hradec Králové