mária gloze

Michaela Glozová is a student at Martin Mainer’s studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.
She comes from Southern Moravia and her current work draws from the regional cultural traditions transforming all the customs and habits into grotesque situations. She transforms the exuberant celebrations in regional costumes into animal frolicking on shepherds’ graves and combines the themes of folkloric festivities and traditions with fables. At the same time, the author is aware of the artistic tradition depicting the countryside as an idyllic setting in contrast to town bourgeoisie and refuses such simplification. Instead, she employs clear references and symbols in her work in contrast to modern achievements. There is no rural idyll anymore and if there is, it is only a very twisted version of it. Cute dogs replacing people in their traditions, guinea pigs in the streets and the unhappy faces of old people in their sitting rooms. All of that forces the spectator to reassess the view of their own roots and think about ways in which folk traditions and original festivities have changed.
However, freshness and a strong zest for life, optimism and humour, the desire to create, discover and capture moments of understanding, can be sensed from the artist’s works. Combined with her unrestrained style her paintings rank among the most interesting that the current youngest generation of painters has to offer.