Jakub Janovský

Jakub Janovský is a genuine draftsman whose strength in artistic expression comes from the lines and non-traditional combinations of drawing techniques rather than from colour. However, that does not mean that he has never painted; his paintings include the cycle of 2011/12 in which he examines the relationship between death and politics. The most intriguing and strongest aspect of his work are probably his monumental mural drawings which he created on the basis of often derelict factories and squats that often had already been assigned for demolition. It seems that inspiration by the genius loci may have its origins in his birthplace, Jihlava, which used to be known as “Sprachinsel” before World War II. Its original German citizens were murdered or ostracized by their Czech neighbours in 1945. On the other hand, his painted traumas, consequences of human mortality, egoism and cruelty can also be perceived as general, timeless phenomena, which have a symbolical rather than a specific meaning. The work of Jakub Janovský is essentially expressive and existential in character and this character is further enhanced by the use of contrasting, mainly black and white or black and yellow, colour schemes.

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