Jan Knap

Jan Knap is a painter whose canvases seem to come from another world. Knap’s works exclusively depict scenes from the childhood of Jesus surrounded by cute putti playing musical instruments or with a colourful ball. The atmosphere in Knap’s paintings is idyllic, even bucolic. The images are set in an arcadian landscape or an idealized East Bohemian landscape, where Knap spent his childhood years. Jan Knap is the most notable representative of modern sacral art. His canvases emanate incredible devoutness and humility, which are also characteristic of the painter himself. The accurately constructed paintings also show the excellent training he had received from the icon of German post-war art, Gerhard Richter. Knap has tried many professions in his life, he was an American soldier, illustrator, window cleaner, waiter but he also studied theology in Rome. Jan Knap is the modern version of Prester John, a wise Christian patriarch, who according to a legend ruled a kingdom of marvels. With his brush, Knap conveys this marvellously beautiful world to the art-loving public.

1970-1972 Staatliche Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, prof. Gerhard Richter
1969 Jan Knap emigroval do Brazílie, žil také v Německu a v letech 1972-1982 v USA (New York)

Zastoupen ve sbírkách - Muzeum moderního umění Olomouc, Východočeská galerie v Pardubicích, Regionální muzeum v Chrudimi, Chrudim, Safn, Reykjavik; The Living Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland, Centraal Museum, Utrecht, Deutsche Bank, Museum Boymans-van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Gian Enzo Sperone, Roma; Sperone–Westwater Gallery, New York, collection David Hockney; P. Giuliano, Milano; Verga, Cadorago; A. Cardilo; Sandres, Amsterdam; Mimmo Paladino, Milano; Peter&Roz Bonerz, Los Angeles; Carla Coppo, Milano; P. Consolandi, Milano; Ahmadpour Massound, Modena, další soukromé sbírky ČR, SR, Belgii, Holandsku, Chile, Itálii, Japonsku, Německu, USA, Venezuele, Islandu, Švýcarsku, Rakousku, / private collections Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Netherlands, Chile, Italy, Japan, Germany, USA, Venezuela, Iceland, Switzerland, Austria

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