Josef Köstlbacher

Josef Köstlbacher is a student at professor Oehlen’s Painting Studio at the academy of Fine Arts in Munich.
The cornerstone of Köstlbacher’s work is surrealist painting based on his own life experience and dreams. The painter looks for a new true expression of the life of today’s young generation through inspiration in subjectively perceived reality and in the virtual world of computer games. In this process he does not stick to one technique or style, on the contrary, he keeps on exploring new possibilities of expression and updating his painting style. In his paintings he therefore combines oils, sprays and acrylics using them to create surrealist scenes of “daily life” filled with emotions and memories captured on the canvas. At the same time, he is not afraid to look back and draw inspiration from the German expressionist tradition and surrealism of the 1st half of the 20th century. The artist is also quite familiar with working with symbols and the symbolic meanings of colours. Köstlbacher’s work thus presents a young, sensitive person’s innovative expression based on the traditions of modern painting.

born 1988
Since 2011 - AdbK in Munich, professor Markus Oehlen’s  studio