Kůrka Filip

Filip Kůrka has been developing his painting expression in Martin Mainer’s studio at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts for the past four years. Larger than life portraits of youngsters and aging men form a significant part of his work along with his swiftly captured landscapes and forests. The portraits are mainly executed in a neat hyper-realistic style and they are characterized by the monumental execution of detail in the style of Chuck Close. By composing his paintings from separate emphasized details, which are untraceable in the usual paintings, he creates a reality which is yet to come. In works of painterly illusionism, Jean Baudrillard’s hyper-reality and his “meticulous reduplication of the real”, is echoed. It is usually brought about by means of another medium and through the fetishization of the object lost in the reduplication process it becomes reality for the sake of reality, a world of simulation, the last order of reality. Erotic, almost pornographic, topics present another, just as distinct, aspect of the painter’s works. In the expressive and epicurean urge to capture the “flesh” of the models he sometimes ventures into thick, impasto painting.  Just like Ron Kleemann, the hyper-realistic painter who became a taxi-driver in order to penetrate the environment he painted, it seems that Filip Kůrka has, for the sake of the conceptual aspect of his work, become a professional porn consumer.

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