Oldřich Tichý


Oldřich Tichý’s journey to his unmistakably individual manner of pure painterly expression can be said to lead backwards. Back to times before any training, before any modernist avant-garde, back to primary experience, back to the first sightings, back to wonder. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in the late 1980s which was an era of great turmoil in the Czech art scene as the young artistic generation gradually introduced the inspiring ideas of postmodernism in their works. Tichý’s way to the raw roots before the term “art” even originated was also liberated due to the postulates of postmodernism but also, to the same extent, by the independent flow within art which had sensitively reflected the situation of the end of modernism.

Oldřich Tichý does not look for the subjects of his work but quite obviously encounters them wherever he goes. His sensitivity is addressed by the most common man-made objects in this world but also by those despised ones and by natural phenomena and processes. He does not manipulate them to turn them into alienated objects but fully experiences their presence, their reality and listens to their stories. This ability of “being present” naturally stems from the earliest experiences of common rural life in close touch with the sky, wind, rain, sun, solid ground, vegetation and the whole stretch of land intimately experienced as home.

When looking at Oldřich Tichý’s artwork we urgently realize that this is not a case of depicting objects but through the language of the most common, even useless objects addressing the fact that the world has secrets, or more precisely, that the world and life are carried on by secrets. Tichý’s paintings originate from the ever new examination of objects and the space we occupy. They talk about the need to find a place-home. At the same time they offer an exciting encounter with the beauty and power of painting.


Oldřich Tichý
born September 15th, 1959, in Zlín,

1980 – 1986 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
Lives and works in Dojetřice – Sázava nad Sázavou.