Vojtěch Horálek

Vojtěch Horálek is a painter and a creator of objects. He studied classical painting at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts in Michael Rittstein’s studio. Even though painting is the most important medium for Horálek today, he very often takes a very innovative and non-standard approach to it. This unorthodox approach can be seen in the choice of untypical formats for his works (e.g. polygons) or in three-dimensional elements jutting out from his painting “experiments”. Horálek, just like many Czech countryside cottage owners, tries to master the 2D space by combining mass-produced colourful fabrics, wrappers and Asian posters, which are then embroidered, re-sewn, camouflaged, drawn over or otherwise enhanced  to create often surprising visual extravagant works which not only boggle the mind but paralyze it. Collage and DIY become Horálek’s signifiers by which his works, balancing between painting and 3D objects and often delightedly mocking the world of work and “working-class heroes”, can be recognized.

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