Martin Mainer is a Czech painter for whom painting has become an almost sacred way of understanding the world. He admits to having been drawn to painting by his “inner” voice at the age of sixteen after having come across the works of Jaroslav Kapec from Havířov. Mainer’s works are instinct with enthusiasm for the esoteric level of human existence. Mainer often depicts the invisible world of spirits, sprites, fairies and astral beings; however, he does not do so in the classical narrative style of contemporary fantasy illustration art. His paintings are somewhere on the brink of abstraction (e.g. the Vision for You cycle) but shifting to an almost classic al landscape is not a problem for him either (Trip or to India the Westward Way cycle). It can be said that alternating between various painting approaches depending on the selected subject matter is typical for Mainer’s work. Another typical attribute of Mainer’s painting is a refined sense for colour and colourism stemming from the best Czech painting traditions. Martin Mainer can be said to be an artistic representative of the world’s cultural “New Age” phenomenon. Mainer’s works, just like this movement, is based on incentives found in C. G. Jung’s psychology and oriental religions while referring to contemporary scientific research and last, but not least, drawing from the complex esoteric systems and secret doctrines.