Martin Mainer


The roots of Mainer’s work can be found in the 1980s when he presented a series of unofficial exhibitions entitled Konfrontace organised by students of the Academy of Fine Arts. Gradually, a new wave of the 80s generation emerged and played an important part in forming the art scene after the decline of the communist regime following the Velvet revolution. Inspiration for the artist’s early work can be found in the Czech Baroque tradition and its expressive painting. Mainer’s work abroad also had substantial effect on his artwork. After having won the Prize of Jindřich Chalupecký, Mainer participated in an internship in California where he met philosopher Richard Alpert alias Ram Dass. Philosophical problems, religious themes and the search for answers to spiritual questions about his inner worlds have interlaced the artist’s works up to this day. Besides traditional painting the artist works with secondary usage of photographs, calendars and other objects to which he adds new layers of fantastic expressive themes in sharp contrast with the banality of the original pictures. Martin Mainer’s paintings are existential in their essence. They are also means for sharing spiritual tension, artistic expression of religious and philosophical subjects as well as offering a glimpse of the soul of one of the fundamental personalities in contemporary painting.


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Přicházíme v míru / Mainer Martin / 26. 5. - 26. 6. 2016

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Born on the 31st of October 1959 in Ostrava – Havířov
1978 – 1981             Higher School of Applied Arts in Prague, studies fine textile arts
1981 – 1985             Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Professor Arnošt Paderlík
1984                         takes part in the firts Confrontation/s exhibiton in Jiří David’s studio in Prague in Smíchov
1991                         chosen for the prestigious Wanderlieder Exhibiton at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam
1993                         six-month stay in Scuol, Switzerland 1993 Wins the Jindřich Chalupecký Prize, carrying with it a fellowship in the USA
1994                         for four months lived, travelled and exhibited in California, New Mexico and New Yourk, met the Hindu guru Ram Dass
1996                         his exhibition Trip or to India by the Western Route in the Nová Síň in Prague
1998                         start of his teaching at the Faculty of Fine Arts at VUT (the Technical University) in Brno, where he heads the studio
1999                         his exhibition Trailer of the Forest of Forest in the Rudolfinum Gallery in Prague
2002                         awarded a habilitation (at the Higher School af Applied Arts in Prague)
2005                         awarded a professorship (at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague)
from 2012                 start of his teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where he heads the painting studio