Přijměte srdečné pozvání na vernisáž výstavy Alfréda Symůnka - čtvrtek 15. 12. od 19:00

15.12.2016 19:00

Please accept our cordial invitation to the exhibition.


  • 15. 12. 2016 - 6. 1. 2017
  • opening 15. 12. od 19:00 / facebook event
  • Balbínova 26, Prague 2

Alfred Symůnek graduated from Martin Mainer’s studio at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. In his canvases, he enjoys entering into a dialogue with the historical development of painting and that allows him not only to confront the individual modern art “–isms” but also the roots of art as such, the Spanish Altamira and the French Lascaux.  Paintings of dark blue city streets packed with cars in Symůnek’s repertory freely follow up on figural compositions with expressive colours which are later followed by abstract works in parts recalling Russian Rayonism - the dynamic painting of bright colourful rays. The painter’s landscape theme follows a completely different scheme and we can sense the influence of Césanne’s or van Gogh’s art or Monet’s famous canvas Impression, soleil levant of 1872. In addition to oil painting he also works with watercolours and acrylics. While acrylics allow the painter to loosen up from colours and offer a black and white composition, watercolours explode in a myriad of fantastic colours in both abstract and figural compositions.


Alfréd Symůnek