23. 10. 2014 - exhibition START - New Gallery will open in Prague Vinohrady

16.09.2014 09:35
  • Press Release: 23.9.2014 – New Gallery will open in Prague Vinohrady
  • Press Conference: 23.10.2014, 17:00, Balbínova 26, Praha 2
  • Opening: 23. 10. 2014, 19:00, Balbínova 26, Praha 2


“We are creating a place where dreams become reality...”


New Gallery invites the viewers to its first exhibition with a slightly mysterious motto: “We are creating a place where dreams become reality...” which somehow insinuates and more than anything else beckons its visitors to come to the first exhibition which will inaugurate it. New Gallery is a gallery.

The founder of the gallery, Ing. arch. Nina Hedwic claims: “New Gallery is a space for the systematic presentation and support of top Czech art both in the Czech Republic and abroad presenting the most significant values of the Czech fine arts. Quality, exceptionality and uniqueness of both the author’s works and personality are emphasized in the process of choosing the authors to be represented.”

New Gallery is a private and non-governmental institution which builds on several years of long-term cooperation with the represented authors. The range of authors represented in this gallery extends from mid 20th century artists to the present-day young generation. The main focus of the gallery are exhibitions and business activities supplemented by consulting, educational and publishing activities.


“New Gallery

Painting, sculpture, art. New, clear, ambitious.

Challenge, idea, desire, good deal, dream.

Creating energy exchange on many levels or at least two or three.

Activity is so appealing with creativity stemming from it as well as adventure and life.

Youth go forward yet middle kneel down and old age hell… swan…duck…goose…fox and eagle…

We start with a collective one, it seems like ten eleven exhibitions a year though, we will address various generations.

To create a place of peace, light, not to say love…the director gleams…she’s enthusiastic…

That’s probably enough words to begin with…” 10.9.2014 MMM (prof. Martin Mainer)


Program of the Gallery Opening:

  • Press Conference: 23.10.2014, 17:00, Balbínova 26, Praha 2
  • Opening: 23. 10. 2014, 19:00, Balbínova 26, Praha 2


Vernisáž výstavy START - Nová galerie Niny Mainerové