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Paučo Samuel / START Art Fair / London / Saatchi gallery


Samuel Paučo (1986) is a Slovak painter working in Brno and in Prague, graduate of prof. Martin Mainer, nowadays working as his asistant at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. His works (paintings, objects, instalations) balance between abstraction and representation, formalism and conceptualism, aesthetics and poetism, often refering to the painting medium itself... Paint, repaint, cumulate, layer on layer, where each layer or new canvas becomes a new "Curtain" in an semi-unconscious Paučo´s Play.




Samuel Paučo at Start Art Fair in London’s Saatchi Gallery

This year, for the first time, Nová Galerie is participating at the international Start Art Fair held in the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London. It will present the works of Samuel Paučo, painter of Slovak origin, who lives and works in the Czech Republic and who closely cooperates with Nová Galerie. According to the fair’s organizers, there’s a trend for young, top abstract art among art lovers today and so the choice of Samuel Paučo seems natural. Samuel Paučo has dedicated himself to abstract art since his studies at Martin Mainer’s studio and is consistently searching for new ways of expression.

Under the kind auspices of the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU, Nová Galerie will present Paučo’s latest works at the international art fair in London. The presentation of a Slovak artist by a Czech gallery did not occur by chance. Samuel Paučo and Nová Galerie have closely cooperated for many years and have built mutual trust. After the fair, Paučo’s paintings will be shown at an exhibition held by the Slovak Embassy in London.

Samuel Paučo (1986) is a Slovak painter who works in Brno and Prague. He studied at the studio of Martin Mainer and today he works as an assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

The young Slovak artist undoubtedly tends to abstraction and to a great extent focuses on landscapes and Post-romanticism. His works often feature elements of cumulating colour layers and the subsequent scraping or scratching away of these. In the cycle which will be shown at Saatchi, Flood, Paučo concentrates on perception of humans and the consequences his actions have on the landscape: “The abstract lower layers refer to the wider reality surrounding us and our inability to perceive it...” The consequences of large corporate and global interests which lead to a dystopian image of the landscape without man are also reflected in this cycle. Wooden homes which sometimes seem to levitate or “explode” across the landscape refer to the archetype of home, folklore and “Slovak nature”.
Beside Samuel Paučo’s paintings and painted objects, Nová Galerie will also present the works of other Czech artists such as Martin Mainer, Adam Kašpar, Adam Šlechta, Jakub Špaňhel, František Matoušek or Michal Nagypal through catalogues at the Start Art Fair.


About Nová Galerie

Nová Galerie seeks to systematically present and support top Czech art both in the Czech Republic and abroad. We are working on creating a strong art gallery presenting the most significant values of the Czech fine arts. Quality, exceptionality and uniqueness of both the author's works and personality are emphasized in the process of choosing the authors to be represented. Nová Galerie is a private and non-governmental institution which builds on several years of long-term cooperation with the represented authors. The range of authors represented in this gallery extends from mid 20th century artists to the present-day young generation. The gallery is mainly focused on exhibitions and business activities supplemented by consulting, educational and publishing activities.

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Samuel Paučo Saatchi Gallery LondonSamuel Paučo Saatchi Gallery London

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